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    October 25, 2021
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    November 09, 2020
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    July 28, 2020
    This CAPP submission in response to the Draft Plan and Budget 2020/21 covers: Capital Works and Project deferrals and the reluctance to Borrow Temporary and Service Level Reductions/Changes Economic and Social Recovery Plan The ...


a part of our community since 1997

The Community Alliance of Port Phillip – CAPP – was founded in 1997 by residents in Port Phillip to campaign progressive political ideas and social services in the then newly formed local government municipality of Port Phillip.

CAPP forum on Fishermans Bend hosted by Peter Mares.

CAPP’s members live throughout the length and breadth of the city, from the gritty north-western corner adjacent to Webb Dock, through the ‘City Beautiful’ utopianism of Garden City, to the proud, blue-collar tradition of Port Melbourne that gradually bleeds into the fiery progressivism and elegant streetscapes of South Melbourne and Middle and Albert Park. Finally, Port Phillip is completed by the utopian radicalism of St Kilda, Balaclava and Elwood.
Since its foundation in 1997 CAPP has been a strong voice for that tapestry of constituencies, an alliance of residents with different backgrounds and beliefs who unite to champion civic life and better service provision throughout the City of Port Phillip by:

  • Fighting for innovative social housing like Woodstock in Balaclava or Kyme Place in Port Melbourne Advocating for excellent new schools like Albert Park College
  • Campaigning for new and better children’s services, whether they be better long-day care services, more funding for community-based childcare like Eildon Rd or Nelson St or supporting private providers like The Treehouse in St Kilda
  • Crusading for local aged care facilities and services like Southport Community Residential Home which is managed and maintained by the residents of Port Phillip for the residents of Port Phillip; and
  • Resisting, year – after – ear-splitting – year, the huge cost and imposition of the much-loathed Grand Prix in the Port Phillips most expansive public space, Albert Park.

Every member of CAPP is motivated by different issues or ideas. All share the belief that CAPP’s exists to enable its members to support each other in the fight for a more generous, caring and civilised City of Port Phillip. And participatory local government in general.


Where did CAPP come from? Our origins and history

CAPP was born in late 1990s inspired by the spirited resistance to the amalgamation of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda into the City of Port Phillip in 1994.

Amalgamation was forced upon the three cities by the Liberal state government led by Premier Kennett. The state government overrode one hundred years of vibrant local democracy, merging the three distinct cities and replaced their 33 councillors with three unelected and unrepresentative commissioners who administered the new City of Port Phillip for the three years after amalgamation.

Each of the three fiercely resisted the government intervention through a sustained campaign of civil disobedience. Disgruntled ratepayers protested outside childcare centres, marched upon city libraries and burnt their rate notices. The most inspired civil disobedience was the formation of TOPP, The Other Port Phillip, a parallel democratic ‘Council’ of residents drawn from all three municipalities. TOPP’s alternative Council meetings only highlighted the commissioners’ complete lack of democratic legitimacy.
TOPP was the immediate antecedent to CAPP. However, TOPP had, in turn, been inspired by earlier progressive traditions that had existed in each of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda.

  • The revolutionary provision of social services like Melbourne’s first Meals on Wheels program and the first local government social worker that were pioneered in the City of South Melbourne in the 50s and 60s
  • The bohemian radicalism of St Kilda’s Turn The Tide which fought quick-buck property developers who sought to transform St Kilda’s foreshore into a Melbourne’s Gold Coast of low-quality high-rise
  • The much-needed family assistance and youth outreach auspiced by Father Bob Maguire and associates at St Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in South Melbourne
  • The valiant, tireless Save Albert Park which opposed and – twenty years later – continues to oppose, the bastardisation of public green space into private racing track

A diverse tradition united by the commitment to progressive social values and ideals.

View this document in the CAPP Library.


CAPP Policy: 'Empowering Citizens & Building a Sustainable Community'

CAPP candidates and elected councillors want to build on the achievements of our Council with bold local initiatives that will provide tangible benefits to residents and local businesses.

The policy document below describes the Policy Framework that CAPP has most recently developed [Updated in July 2017].


Click image to read or download.

The 2017 Policy Framework includes:

  • Review spending priorities and cost controls to keep Council expenditure within CPI limits.
  • Benchmark Council’s financial goals and performance with other local governments to ensure residents and businesses receive maximum value for their rate dollar
  • Demonstrate leadership in deliberative and participatory democratic governance using technology, citizen panels and other means to ‘hear the breadth and depth’ of the community concerns and enable residents and businesses to contribute to the ‘big issues’
  • Undertake bold advocacy to State and Commonwealth Governments on planning, housing, schools and child care, transport, environment and cultural issues to improve the quality of life, sustainability and affordability of Port Phillip
  • Create a Port Phillip Energy Foundation to promote composting, grey water recycling, rain water collection, solar energy and energy efficiency programs to residents and businesses
  • Introduce a green waste household bin program
  • Power South Melbourne with its own solar panel array
  • Water capture and release programs to protect the Shakespeare Grove and Elster and Elwood Canal precincts from flooding
  • Boost Council investment in safe cycling and walking modes and advocate for improved public transport for residents and visitors
  • Support key elements of the Fishermans Bend Network vision, with a precinct of mixed density, quality design, affordable housing and community infrastructure of transport, schools and child care designed for a real city with a living soul
  • Challenge the dominant model of skyscrapers with their stacked, gated communities
  • Protect the village ethos of the Middle Park, Albert Park, Ripponlea, Ormond Road, Clarendon and Carlisle Street shopping strips
  • Celebrate the unique South Melbourne market – maintaining its affordability, preserving its attractiveness and viability
  • Call a summit of landowners, traders and residents to develop a comprehensive vision and plan to revitalise Fitzroy and Acland Streets with attractive retailers and culture – not just new street beautification
  • Implement a main street program to encourage a more robust, diverse and attractive mix of traders through active Council involvement
  • Investigate consequences for retail sites left vacant without reasonable cause over the long-term (more than 12 months). Examine possible Council and State Government options to deter this behaviour
  • Implement the Carlisle Street Structure Plan
  • Embark on a new vision for the St Kilda Junction - advocate to government for a fully planned approach to the Junction rather than issuing individual permits in an ad hoc manner
  • Work with the community, the State Government and others to deliver a beautiful cultural asset on the St Kilda Triangle site. If that takes time so be it. Better to get it right rather than achieve mediocrity
  • Co-operate with local police and local communities to ensure all citizens are safe and secure on our streets
  • Lobby for increased local police presence in areas of high crime or a high risk of crime
  • Strictly control the irresponsible provision and consumption of hazardous quantities of alcohol at hours and places threatening reasonable expectations of civic peace
  • Support programs that adopt harm minimisation and ameliorative responses to drug and alcohol issues
  • Advocate strongly for additional government investment in local schools
  • Develop a Port Phillip Youth Charter to affirm young people as a valued part of the Port Phillip community
  • Support our great youth and local sports clubs in South Melbourne and St Kilda – advocate for clubs facing rising rents, loss of access and damage to grounds in Albert Park and elsewhere
  • Promote local arts, music, galleries and rehearsal and workshop spaces through investment and better use of under-performing Council and community assets
  • Ensure that the community has priority access to all public spaces and that they are not enclosed for private uses. Any use of public spaces for events should be in the public interest
  • Maintain direct provision of Council Aged Care Services and invest in their expansion and improvement
  • Directly provide children’s services to the community and support and resource community managed services including child care centres, kindergartens, family day care, after school care, teenage and holiday programs
  • Establish high quality playgroup, parent groups and maternal health services to meet the city’s growing population
  • Increase the proportion of social housing dwellings in Port Phillip as a percentage of all dwellings in the municipality over the next eight years, ensuring our community is a place for everyone


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    • progress equity, social justice, inclusiveness and environmental sustainability
    • value cultural diversity and the arts
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