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    CAPP Submission in response to the Draft Fishermans Bend Framework

    December 16, 2017
    UPDATE: CAPP Members were asked to make a presentation to the Fishermans Bend Planning Review Panel. Rhonda Small, Ann Byrne & Brenda Forbath represented the Community Alliance of Port Phillip (CAPP) on 16 April 2018. You can ...
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    CAPP AGM 2017 & Aged Care Services Forum

    October 19, 2017
    Dear CAPP members and friends CAPP members, friends and supporters are invited to attend the 2017 CAPP AGM and a FORUM on "Aged Care Services: at a turning point?": a forum on current challenges and opportunities for achieving responsive and ...
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    New CAPP Policy Framework for 2017

    July 20, 2017
    A new CAPP Policy Framework 2017 had been published for any comments and feedback. Work on updating CAPP Policy statements from 2012 has been ongoing since last year’s elections, and we are pleased to say that the new CAPP Policy Framework 2017 is ...


a part of our community since 1997

The Community Alliance of Port Phillip – CAPP – was founded in 1997 by residents in Port Phillip to campaign progressive political ideas and social services in the then newly formed local government municipality of Port Phillip.

CAPP forum on Fishermans Bend hosted by Peter Mares.

CAPP’s members live throughout the length and breadth of the city, from the gritty north-western corner adjacent to Webb Dock, through the ‘City Beautiful’ utopianism of Garden City, to the proud, blue-collar tradition of Port Melbourne that gradually bleeds into the fiery progressivism and elegant streetscapes of South Melbourne and Middle and Albert Park. Finally, Port Phillip is completed by the utopian radicalism of St Kilda, Balaclava and Elwood.
Since its foundation in 1997 CAPP has been a strong voice for that tapestry of constituencies, an alliance of residents with different backgrounds and beliefs who unite to champion civic life and better service provision throughout the City of Port Phillip by:

  • Fighting for innovative social housing like Woodstock in Balaclava or Kyme Place in Port Melbourne Advocating for excellent new schools like Albert Park College
  • Campaigning for new and better children’s services, whether they be better long-day care services, more funding for community-based childcare like Eildon Rd or Nelson St or supporting private providers like The Treehouse in St Kilda
  • Crusading for local aged care facilities and services like Southport Community Residential Home which is managed and maintained by the residents of Port Phillip for the residents of Port Phillip; and
  • Resisting, year – after – ear-splitting – year, the huge cost and imposition of the much-loathed Grand Prix in the Port Phillips most expansive public space, Albert Park.

Every member of CAPP is motivated by different issues or ideas. All share the belief that CAPP’s exists to enable its members to support each other in the fight for a more generous, caring and civilised City of Port Phillip. And participatory local government in general.


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